Stem Cell Treatments

Cells found in teeth have the potential for use in many types of treatment and therapy.

Stem Cell Treatment

Personalised regenerative medicine is key to good health today.  Stem cell therapy was first used 60 years ago and today routinely carried out on patients around the world.

Discover some of the many hundreds of publications on human therapy using stem cells, and the many hundreds that refer specifically to therapies using stem cells from teeth.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

It has been known for many years that human bone marrow contained a type of stem cells known as Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s).

A few years ago it was discovered that MSC’s are also found in teeth. These are superior to those found in bone marrow in many aspects and extracting them is a non-invasive process unlike bone marrow aspiration. These cells have the ability to form many types of tissue including muscle, cartilage, nerve, bone, liver, fat, and others.

BioEden was founded to make this technology available by extracting and banking those valuable cells for the future therapeutic use.