Prices & Plans

The first step is to ensure you are prepared for the next tooth by signing up for the service and receiving your tooth collection kit.

We take an initial set up fee at first that covers getting a tooth to the laboratory and our scientist beginning the processing of the sample.
Initial set up fee, including tooth collection kit £95

Initial set up fee, including tooth collection kit £95

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The balance of the processing fee is only due when we have a sample banked for your child.

One-off processing fee includes: Tooth collection kit, next day delivery and return medical courier collection to our laboratory. Private serology sample collection, shipping of sample and testing. Tooth stem cell isolation, cell preservation, microbial testing, post thaw quality testing and physical/financial insurance.

Dental Pulp Banking

One-off processing fee (Initial set up fee £95)


Annual storage fee


We offer a range of payment plans to suit every family budget. Get in touch with one of our customer care experts to discuss your options...


Additional Information:

Should the tooth processing be unsuccessful we will provide two further attempts included in your price.

Only one tooth is required to achieve desired result.

We process, isolate and extensively test cells before cryo-presevation.