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Why do 1000s of parents bank their children's tooth cells with BioEden?

Why bank your child's tooth cells?

Banking cells with BioEden is as easy as 1-2-3

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I believe the BioEden process is a breakthrough to obtain cells in the right numbers through a non-invasive process

Prof. John A. Hunt D.Sc. Ph.D - Professor/Head of Strategic Research, Nottingham Trent University
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New trials taking place in Britain could save people’s lives when suffering from #heartfailure. Last week, researchers revealed a breakthrough #stemcell treatment which removes the need for operations ➡️ https://t.co/YMBkVjn6Ym #health #research #trial https://t.co/X5zaMjQTrT

We’re always striving to spread the word about the incredible, life-saving power of #tooth #stemcells... That’s why we’re now offering 1 year’s FREE storage for both you and your friend, if they enrol with us! Get started here ➡️ https://t.co/nXiDT433W1 #parenting https://t.co/RdSLAKuTIo

"Why wouldn't you do it?" ⬇️ Scientific advisor to BioEden, John Hunt, explains why you should bank naturally shed baby #teeth to store dental pulp cells ⬇️ Make sure you download your guide, along with your exclusive offer code here: https://t.co/uXhBcHnISl https://t.co/qht7VzKMuq

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