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International Stem Cell Art Competition won by 7 year old from Oxford


An international art and colouring competition launched by tooth stem cell bank BioEden has been won by a British child living in the Oxford area.

BioEden, the specialist tooth stem cell bank, have just announced the winner of the BioKidz art competition.

The company, which operates in 22 countries worldwide, received entries from India, Indonesia, Italy, USA and other parts of Europe. The competition was judged by the creator of The BioKidz, Sue Wilkinson, the artist and illustrator Cherie Zamazing, TV personality Sally Bee and local artists.

The BioKidz is a concept created by BioEden to help engage children in stem cell banking, research and therapy. As BioEden store stem cells, which in the main come from naturally shed baby teeth, children are central to their work.

‘Children today are living in a world where stem cell therapies have become more and more commonplace, and babies born today will have never known a world without stem cell therapy. Children who are Members of BioEden not only have their own stem cells safely stored with us, they are the scientists and doctors of the future,’ says Group CEO Tony Veverka. He added, ‘We were delighted by the response to the art competition, children all around the world are actively involved in our work and are genuinely excited by the BioKidz world we created for them. Although there was only one winner in our competition, children who have their stem cells banked are all winners.’

The standard was so high the judging panel could not agree on a clear winner, so decided to create a shortlist of six, where the final winner was selected randomly by computer.

For more information on BioEden or The BioKidz, please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336.