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Paralysed Boy Walks Again After Stem Cell Treatment


Over three years ago, a family in India were on their way to a wedding in Rajasthan, when their car was involved in an awful accident. A young boy, Rohit Gehloy, his parents, elder brother and two other relatives were in the car at the time and his older brother and two relatives died in the accident as well as this, Rohit’s spinal cord was extremely damaged.

During the years following the accident, eight-year-old Rohit was bed-ridden, he was unable to do anything a boy of his age could do. He was unable to attend school in Jaipur, play sports as a result of being unable to feel anything below his waist.

Rohit’s parents desperately searched for a cure, considering different treatments from various hospitals within the Rajasthan area and even out of it looking at therapies in New Deli. Despite extensive research, the family couldn’t find any medical treatment in their area.

When looking further south, Pooja Rohit’s mother was told about Dr Pradeep Manjan by a family member in Navi Mumbi. Dr Pradeep Manjan was based in Mumbai and he had done extensive research on stem cell therapy including stem cell treatment on paralyzed people.

When approached by the family, Dr Mahajan agreed to consider Rohit and admit him into the Sanjyoti Hospital in the Vashi area of Mumbai earlier this year. Rohit began the MSC stem cell treatment in the hope to repair the damage on the nerves and muscles in the spine as a result of the car accident.

Within just over a month of the MSC stem cell treatment, Rohit has seen vast improvements, he is able to walk with support and according to ‘The Hindu‘ “He can feel his legs and control his bowel and bladder movement”.

Rohit Gehloy and his Parents

Within just over a month of the MSC stem cell treatment, Rohit is able to walk with support. (Credit: The Hindu)

“Rohit underwent cell-based therapy to repair damage to the nerves and muscles in the spine and was advised basic stretching exercises for his back, hips, and legs. Following this, he was trained to stand with the help of calipers and a walker. The patient is now able to sit up on his own without back support, and takes steps with the help of walker while using calipers,” Dr Mahajan, a regenerative medicine researcher, Adigos Stem Cells, told The Hindu.

As a result of the initial success of the treatment and therapy sessions, Pooja Rohit’s mother is hoping for a complete recovery with the expectation of returning to school.

“Once he fully recovers, I will request the school to admit him in Class 3 as he is a bright student,” she told The Hindu.

Rohit is also wanting to return to school and begin studying again. The young boy was released from the hospital in May and Dr Mahajan is confident that if he continues with regular practice and physio, he will one day walk on his own without a crutch or support.

All of this was possible without surgery and the stem cells were Rohit’s own bone marrow stem cells.

“If a person is healthy, his/her bone marrow is the best bank to get stem cells from,” said, Dr Mahajan.

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