Storage and Retrieval

Your child’s stem cells are stored in a secure facility and maintained at -196.5 degrees centigrade. The process is known as Cryopreservation, the cells are essentially frozen and preserved in the state of ‘suspended animation’. The process uses the vapour of liquid nitrogen, which means the storage of samples are not dependant on electricity supply, therefore they are not at risk in a power outage. Numerous surveillance and monitoring processes are in place to keep the samples safe.

You can access you child’s cells at any point.


We will send the cells (frozen) to your chosen physician according to your specific instructions. We will require you to complete our ‘Release of Material’ form.


We will also require the consignee (person receiving the cells) to complete our documentation.   We will supply this form to your chosen consignee at your request.


It takes approximately 2 weeks to completely review the requests and documentation, access your customer account and sample history, and release the material, plus transport time.

Each country has its own set of regulations on the importation of biological material.  We will work with, and expect the consignee to work with us, to make sure we address all relevant regulations of the destination country and to enable the successful transfer of material to your chosen country or territory.

The cryopreservation technique we use is one that should enable samples to remain functional for the duration of the donor’s life. Your tooth cell samples will also be stored for as long as you maintain your contract with us.

BioEden does not charge any internal fees for the return of material for immediate therapeutic application.  We will transport the material as directed by the receiving facility and pass along those incurred charges to the customer.


Charges may include packaging and raw materials, shipping fees, importation fees, hazard material fees, customs fees, or other unlisted third party charges.

This will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the therapy and the therapeutic requirements.


The requirements for a successful storage event are much more important than the number of cells obtained from the initial isolation.  The cells must exhibit the correct cellular morphology, growth pattern phenotype, growth rates and pass a battery of tests for contamination, viability and function.


BioEden’s promise is that we will only store material that can be of use if released for therapy.

The ownership of the cells falls to the person who consents to the process, usually the parent or guardian if at the time of storage the donor is under 18 years of age.

At the age 18 years in the UK, the responsibility defaults to the donor. BioEden do not own the cells, simply provide safe keeping of the material.

Any future questions about the storage of cells, please contact us.