Stem Cell Recovery

The BioEden process is a patented technique that is performed by our specialist scientists. There are many complex stages to the recovery and banking of cells. In short after a decontamination process, the scientists look to isolate specific cells and test their quality. Once this is achieved the cells are proven to have growth potential and once this is confirmed they are cryopreserved in each of two separate locations.


BioEden uses a minimal manipulation technique that proves the growth potential for expansion of the cells if required in therapy. The number of cells stored is widely accepted to be enough to expand for therapy. BioEden then bank two lots of cells, which are stored in separate locations for additional safety.

One of our trained advisors will keep you informed of progress at all stages throughout the and confirm to you that you child’s stem cells have passed for functionality and validity and have been successfully stored. Once stored you will receive a confirmation letter and certificate to this effect.

The process can be successfully achieved using only one tooth. If it does not work with a single tooth we attempt the process again at no additional cost to the customer.

Whilst the process is not guaranteed, and there are reasons why a sample might not work out, BioEden’s promise is that we will only store material that can be of use if released for therapy.


As an additional measure we will also process another tooth for you completely free of charge if your child’s first tooth fails at any stage during the testing for functionality and validity leading to successful storage.


To get started simply order your BioEden tooth collection kit here.

Whilst any tooth has the potential to be used ideally we would recommend sending any of the anterior deciduous teeth.  These are the 12 teeth in the front, 6 on top and 6 on bottom.  One important thing to remember is that cells age just as our bodies age so storing this material should be done at the earliest age possible.  When it comes to stem cells; younger is better, so to order your tooth collection kit please click here.

We do offer a service option for recovering cells from multiple teeth and if you would like to discuss this option in more detail please contact us here.