Stem Cell Therapy: Facts V Fiction

Stem cell therapy is not new. For over 50 years living cells have been stored in temperatures so cold, they are maintained in a state of suspended animation, effectively halting the aging process. These cells have later been thawed without any loss of functionality. The cryopreservation techniques used, literally stop the ageing process and keep viable functional cells safe for future use. Just one example of where this has worked is with 50 year old frozen sperm that has successfully fertilised a 30 year old frozen egg. Medical treatments that were once considered to be science fiction are now science fact  
  • The first IVF ‘test tube’ baby ‘experiment’ which was met with much cynicism, this year celebrates her 36th birthday. Today, in 2014 over 5 million babies have been born this way.
  • The first human heart transplant was carried out in 1967, today over 3500 heart transplants are carried out each year and considered to be ‘standard procedure’.
  • In 2006 alone, 50,000 bone marrow transplants were carried out using stem cell therapy.
  • The Harris Review predicts that 1 in 3 of us may need stem cell therapy during their lifetime.

Stem Cell Timeline

  • 2006

    BioEden, the World’s First banking service for dental stem cells was founded in the USA

  • 2007

    BioEden expands into Europe

  • 2008

    BioEden expands into Asia, the same year that surgeons transplant a new trachea from stem cells into a child rebuilding his airway

  • 2009

    Stem cells from teeth used in human therapy

  • 2013

    BioEden records banking almost 17 billion stem cells from children’s teeth and is operational in 21 countries

  • 2014

    BioEden introduces payment plans to ensure stem cell therapy is an affordable reality for all

  • 2015

    BioEden member reports dramatic improvement of symptoms from debilitating diabetes just 12 weeks into therapy

  • 2016

    A Celebration of our 10th Anniversary

Stem Cell Facts
  • Stem cell therapy is not new
  • Living cells have been stored without any loss of functionality for over 50 years
  • 50,000 bone marrow transplants using stem cell therapy were carried out in 2006 alone
  • The Harris Review (Dr Harris USA 2007) predicted that 1 in 3 people may need stem cell therapy in their lifetime
  • Stem cells are better the younger they are taken and stored
  • Dental stem cells are obtained after the milk tooth has fallen out naturally
  • Stem cell therapy is widely acknowledged as the future of medicine