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Motor Neuron Disease Stem Cell Treatment


Father of five sees huge improvements following “amazing” stem cell therapy to treat motor neurone disease.

When Nicolas Karsa was diagnosed with aggressive motor neurone disease, he was unable to speak, and was left with limited movements within just a few months of the original diagnosis.

Following the diagnosis, the community where he lives, set up a go fund me page to pay for the some of the stem cell treatment. As the treatment program was in Australia, more than £26,000 was raised so that Nick and his family could go to Australia, so Nick could receive life altering stem cell treatment.

Before Nick started the treatment, his hand “clawed up” and he was unable to move. Nick’s wife of 17 years, Heather Karsa, said: “I wasn’t expecting miracles”, but the results were staggering.

The stem cell treatment in Australia used Nicks own MSC stem cells, the doctor and Nick’s family saw improvements incredibly quickly. Nick managed to stretch out his own hand and his mobility also improved.

Nick Karsa and Family

Nick Karsa and Family. Credit: Cornwall Live

Heather Karsa, said: “Before we left Nick’s mobility was really bad, it was taking two of us to move him. Two hours after his surgery, the hand that he hadn’t been able to use – it had clawed up and he couldn’t move it – he was able to open it up on his own. His posture and his movement have improved as well. It was amazing.”

Mrs Karsa added: “We weren’t expecting miracles, but the improvement was amazing, and we have been told that it could take up to six months to see the full level of improvement so there could be more to come.”

“It’s not a miracle treatment by any means, he isn’t back to his old self, it’s subtle, but I do feel it has halted the progression of the illness.”

She said: “The doctor has been upfront from the start and always said that not everyone reacts to stem cell treatment at all, but he was absolutely astounded by Nick’s progress. He said that it was the quickest reaction to the treatment he has seen I think.”

“I do think that it is because of Nick personally and how determined he is.”

The second round of treatment took place in September and the family are waiting to see the results of the second round of treatment.

Mrs Karsa said: “I am so glad that we have done it, we hope that when we go back for the second time Nick’s stem cells will have increased. They use your own stem cells as treatment so if they have increased then Nick’s response to the second lot of treatment could be even better.

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