Bioeden part of Future Health Family

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Bioeden part of Future Health Family


This week brings an exciting new chapter to our 14-year history as we become part of a larger global family. In the past few days, we have been officially acquired by the Future Health Group. The acquisition means that we are now the largest Tooth Stem Cell Bank in the world.

Who are Future Health Biobank?

Future Health Biobank offer tooth stem cell banking services, alongside their popular service of banking cord blood stem cells. They also are specialists in diagnostic testing. Operating in more than 40 countries, with fully owned facilitates in the UK and Switzerland and with over 200,000 stem cell samples stored, BioEden is now part of something much larger, secure and superior in terms of quality.

The new and improved process guarantees:

• Higher quality processing and storage facilities
• Improved sample success rate
• Private phlebotomists
• Dedicated medical courier
• Typically, more samples stored
• Improved testing and quality control

The Future Health Group share the same simple mission: to make personalised cell therapy an affordable reality.
If you have any questions on this exciting news you can contact us here.