Tooth Collection

The first step for all parents is to purchase your child’s tooth collection kit. Click here.

You can order a BioEden dental stem cell collection kit from us at any time by clicking here.

The collection kit will is returned to us in secure prepaid packaging. When the tooth falls out, or is extracted, contact us and we will guide you through any questions you have.



Yes, under the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) regulations we are obliged to receive a small blood sample from your child to test for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HTLV, CMV and Syphilis within 7 days of the tooth falling out. This is a standard blood screening procedure and is applied to all tissue and blood samples equally. This will ensure that your child’s sample is correctly screened and secure it for future use.

To obtain your child’s tooth collection kit by clicking here.

The sample is taken directly to our specialist laboratory where the cells will undergo testing for functionality and viability.

Either is fine, the process allows for a tooth to naturally shed at home for example or to be extracted by a dentist.  Our process gives preference to a naturally shed tooth. Yet a dentist extraction does allow for a more controlled event, one where the shipping can be pre-arranged.

However, we recommend that you have your tooth collection kit available and on stand-by.

To obtain your BioEden tooth collection kit please click here.