About BioEden

Founded in 2006, BioEden are the world’s first specialist biobank to collect, assess and cryogenically store living stem cells from teeth. Our pioneering scientists are experts in their field and actively seek new therapeutic applications for tooth stem cells through partnerships with the premier researchers at some of the leading academic and medical centres throughout the world.


Our process has been proven time and time again for thousands of satisfied customers and across continents, so rest assured you are in safe hands.


And we are proud to say that on every occasion that BioEden has released a customer’s stem cell material it was deemed of use by the treating physician.


So, if you have any questions at all about our service, and would like to know more, please contact one of our trained representatives by clicking here

The very first step for a parent with a child aged 5 or over is to purchase a BioEden tooth collection kit.  This ensures you are prepared to send us the very next tooth


To order your BioEden tooth collection kit click here.

The BioEden process is as easy as 1-2-3. Watch our short video:

BioEden’s mission is to make personalised stem cell therapy an affordable reality for all.

After you have purchased you tooth collection kit, the cost of the service is made up of both the process and storage. We also offer payment instalments making the service as affordable as we can. If you would like to discuss one of our flexible instalment plans you can arrange to speak to one of our trained advisors by clicking here.

BioEden is regulated by the relevant supervisory agency of each country we operate in. In the UK this is the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. We comply with all regulatory, safety and data requirements that ensure the quality and safety of your material and data privacy.

Our laboratory is within a high protection building with 24 hour security personnel. As soon as we receive your tooth cell storage order, we allocate you with a unique customer reference number also featuring your child’s name and date of birth.


Once samples are processed they are placed within our secure storage facility. The limited number of employees with storage access are highly trained and only selected individuals have access to customer samples.  The building, room and physical storage container all have further security and restricted access.


The material we store is kept in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.  This maintains the material at -196°C at all times and does not depend on electricity.  A power cut or interruption of electricity supply would therefore not affectthe safety or quality of the stored material.


Finally all customer data is securely protected and no details are ever released without the owner’s permission.

BioEden has been operating successfully since 2006. We operate in 20 countries and have banked customer stem cells from over 60 countries worldwide.

In order to provide our service BioEden (part of the Future Health Group) must maintain a licence from our regulators. A consideration of this licence are protocols that ensure safe keeping of cells should BioEden stop trading. While it’s highly unlikely that BioEden will ever encounter financial problems, we value the importance of having a contingency plan. This is why we have put measures in place to create a protection scheme that will guarantee the long-term storage of your child’s sample, even if at some point BioEden ceased to exist.

To date there have been 20 customer samples released from our stem cell bank for the use in therapy.  The conditions which have been treated using our material include: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, clef pallet reconstruction, autism, cerebral palsy and knee regeneration.


On every occasion the material released was deemed of use by the treating physician.


There has never been a severe or adverse reaction associated with the use of BioEden produced material.

The BioEden process guarantees that any cells stored will be functional, viable and certified for use.


Whilst BioEden cannot offer medical advice and will always defer to the judgment of the customer’s physician, on a specific course of treatment, we have always offered scientific advice on the usefulness of the cells to treat a given condition in order to assist the customer with their decision.


We are proud to say that on every occasion that BioEden has been requested to release a customer’s cells for therapeutic use the material released was deemed of use by the treating physician.

BioEden part of the Future Health Group now operate under licence that allows samples to be released for the donor themselves as well as other unrelated patients such as friends and family members.

BioEden do not directly provide stem cell therapy and cannot provide medical advice, we would recommend you speak with your healthcare provider who can advise on your individual requirements for treatment.