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Young boy receives stem cell therapy for arthritis after parents told there was “no cure”


At the age of six, when most boys are running around the playground with their friends, Tucker Hyatt was already suffering from a most debilitating type of arthritis.

His parents recall a start of mysterious symptoms ranging from a high temperature often at 106 and 107, to an all over body rash, total loss of appetite and then the inability to walk.

It came as a shock when Tucker was diagnosed with systemic juvenile arthritis, as his parents like many had thought arthritis was something that only happened in old age.

Tucker was first treated with steroids and later chemotherapy. Systemic arthritis affects not just the joints, but every organ in the body and so treatments can be lengthy and complex.

Six year old Tucker speaks of how his ‘heart felt on fire’ and had pains in his tummy because the arthritis had affected those areas, in addition to his joints.

Doctors told Tucker’s parents that there was “no cure” until they sought out help for themselves via a Stem Cell Company.

To read about Tuckers amazing road to recovery via stem cell therapy here

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