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US Sports Heroes ‘Close to Giving up Hope’


USA Today reports on stem cell therapy success but misses the critical factor says BioEden.

After John Brodie and Gordie Howe suffered massive strokes they thought their lives were at an end, and for Gordie Howe in particular, he admitted that he was ‘losing the will to live’.

Massive strokes left them both barely able to talk, walk or look after themselves. Their dignity and independence all but vanished.

But after physicians delivered stem cell therapy, both former sportsmen now are able to walk, exercise and communicate better than before.

USA Today reported on the therapies and you can read the detail here.

However, as with all journalism there runs a risk of overlooking the critical factors, if you are not directly working day to day with the oh so important detail.

The critical factor is having the right material available for the stem cell therapy. This is why the team at BioEden work hard every day to ensure that every parent has the opportunity to bank their children’s own cells for a potential lifetime of use.

The best stem cells are those taken when young and healthy. As harvesting stem cells from baby teeth is entirely non-invasive, this is the best gift that anyone could give to a child.

For information on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336.