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UK Dentists clamor to join BioEden’s Tooth Stem Cell Banking network


As demand for tooth stem cell banking continues to rise, UK Dentists clamor to join the BioEden network to help bring this potentially life-saving service to their patients.

BioEden today reported over 400% increase in the number of dental practices requesting to join their network.

The role of the dentist in the 21st century is ever changing, with the more forward-thinking practices offering a wide range of services over and above routine dentistry. One such service is tooth stem cell banking, where a parent can store the stem cells from their child’s baby tooth. Ironically the tooth does not need to be extracted by a dentist as the process pioneered by BioEden uses a naturally shed baby tooth.

UK Dentists simply make their patients aware that this service exists, and BioEden communicate directly with the patient.

‘As BioEden uses naturally shed baby teeth there is no impact on a dentists chair-side time, what the dentist effectively does is raise awareness of this service’, says BioEden’s Group CEO, Tony Veverka.

BioEden put the interest in tooth stem cell banking down to several factors. ‘As stem cell therapies become more commonplace, awareness is raised and a patient would therefore expect their dentist to be aware of tooth cell banking. Also as BioEden Membership can be as little as £5 per month, parents can see huge benefits for little cost’.

For more information contact BioEden.