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Tooth Stem Cell Banking – An Independent View


By Dr Clinton M D’Souza – 2 January 2015

he following summary contains extracts and quotes from an independent Tooth Stem Cell Banking Review, written by Dr Clinton M D’Souza. The review was first published in the International Journal of Research and Reviews in Pharmacy and Applied Science.

Stem cells obtained traditionally were either embryonic in origin or from adult tissue which involved both invasive methods and some ethical concerns. Recently tooth banks have emerged which is an easy way to store one’s own cells. Stem cells can be obtained from baby teeth or from third molars.

Stem cell therapy has been used around the world to treat many medical conditions, and the vast extent of its clinical applications has only been glimpsed so far. All of the cell types within teeth hold enormous potential for therapeutic treatment. There is clear evidence that baby teeth are a better source than wisdom teeth and other molars in adults.

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