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Tooth Stem Cell Bank BioEden ends the year on a record high


Last month tooth stem cell bank BioEden announced a record-breaking 275% increase in demand for their services, but today announce that December’s take-up was even higher.

The increase in demand has come predominantly from the UK with their US operation being a close second.

The company put their success down to several factors, one being the ease of obtaining the stem cells (from a naturally shed baby tooth), the new affordable way of banking the cells (Membership can cost from just £5 per month) and the increasing awareness of stem cell therapies and treatments. Earlier this year BioEden announced the successful treatment of a BioEden Member for Type 1 Diabetes.

Group CEO Tony Veverka said ‘the treatment is still ongoing but based on the feedback from the patient and from the treating hospital the results are looking very exciting indeed. BioEden’s stem cell banking services effectively provide the vital link to therapy by having a persons own stem cells readily available for whenever they may be needed’

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