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Why it’s time to remember what really matters


Health Insurance Magazine, the quality journal for all things medical, this week published an article by Peter Le Beau.

Le Beau is a hugely respected industry figure, particularly in the world of Health Care and Protection Insurance, and has driven many quality campaigns to ensure that families in the UK get the best quality care and cover from their insurance.

Banking one’s own stem cells is a simple, invaluable way of ensuring the right material is readily available at the right time.

Stem Cell Banking in many countries is seen as the ultimate protection product and is frequently referred to as ‘biological insurance’.

In this article, Le Beau looks at what really matters to a family and explores how the various forms of insurance and their different names have caused confusion in the past.

Le Beau comments, ‘When I entered the industry just after the last Ice Age I met a number of people who pressed on me with a great deal of sincerity that protection was paramount and that it was the first priority that people need to address’.

With stem cell therapy rapidly becoming more commonplace, it is essential that stem cells are readily available that will be a match for the patient.

The only way of doing this is by having access to your own cells. Banking stem cells from naturally shed teeth, guarantees a perfect match and are obtained without medical intervention and therefore discomfort.

Read the full article here 

For information on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336