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Does sugar age your brain?


Patrick Holford, leading nutritionist and advocate of all things healthy, says yes it does.

Holford today issued a report on how sugar is ‘bad for the brain’ and is covered in depth in his latest book ‘The Alzheimers Prevention Plan’ which is a nutrition based approach to keeping the disease at bay.

Holford claims that sugar, like petrol, is dangerous stuff. ‘Sugar is the fuel that the brain runs off- that’s why you can’t think straight when you haven’t eaten for hours’, says Holford. Holford then goes on to explain that when sugar is eaten in excess, it can ‘literally burn your brain’ and points to evidence that shows that this is exactly what happens with degenerative disease of the brain such as Alzheimers.

Holford says that high homocysteine is one of the markers for Alzheimers and if high can be lowered with B vitamins.

BioEden says mesenchymal stem cells, such as those found in teeth, could be used to improve many symptoms of Alzheimer.

To find out more about stem cells and Alzheimers, visit the Treatments section of the BioEden website, or to find out more about Patrick Holford visit

The comments and views in this article are those of Patrick Holford, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of BioEden.