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Stem Cells Halt Multiple Sclerosis in 91% of patients


Stem Cell treatment sent 91% of patients into remission, halting the progression of the disease even several years later.

Earlier this year reports of a clinical study led by Dr Richard Nash in the US showed promising results for MS patients everywhere.

24 patients with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) volunteered for the study. Each patient had been experiencing RRMS for up to 15 years with continual relapses. This disease affects approximately 85% of MS patients worldwide and is characterised by inflammatory attacks on myelin. Myelin is the membrane that insulates and protects the nerve fibres that make up the central nervous system. These interrupt the messages that are being transmitted along the nerves. As the disease progresses symptoms include a loss of motor function, fatigue, vertigo, memory loss and depression.

Over the course of four years (2006-2010) the patients received transplants of millions of stem cells to rebuild their immune system. The transplants used millions of stem cells harvested from the patient’s own blood. The patients spent up to 4 weeks in hospital waiting for their new immune systems to take effect before being discharged.

Three years after completing the treatment 86% of the patients had no relapses, and so far 91% have shown no sign of their symptoms progressing.

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*Source: Healthline News September 2015