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Stem Cell Therapy at Sheffield Hospital helps paralysed MS patient walk again


Sam Ramsey, a 25 year old woman paralysed from the neck down is determined that she will walk again unaided.

Sam’s own stem cells were transplanted at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield by Professors Sharrack and Snowden. At the age of just 22, Sam had started to feel unsteady on her feet, and after visiting a local hospital she was diagnosed as having a trapped nerve. After Sam’s parents remained concerned she returned to the hospital for a scan which then revealed MS. Her condition declined rapidly resulting in paralysis from the neck down, and the need for a tracheotomy to breathe.

Two weeks after the treatment using her own stem cells she was able to move her fingers for the first time. A few days later she could move her toes and got feeling back in her limbs. Sam is now on the road to recovery and is determined that with the aid of physiotherapy she will be able to walk again unaided.

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