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Stem Cell Therapy set to assign knee and hip replacements to the history books


In the US, Arizona Pain Specialists are offering stem cell therapy to help patients avoid hip and knee replacement.

The outpatient treatments at Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute have been exceptionally effective and are administered by Board Certified pain doctors at ten locations Valleywide.

Over the past few years, stem cell therapy for hip and knee arthritis has become mainstream. The treatment involves either bone marrow derived or amniotic derived stem cells, neither of which involve fetal tissue. The previous ethical concerns over fetal tissue and embryonic stem cells are not an issue with these treatments, as neither are involved. Stem cells harvested from teeth and stored for you, mean that you will have the perfect stem cell match, and this in turn will eliminate the need for anti-rejection drugs.

The stem cell procedures are outpatient and exceptionally low risk. The stem cells, growth factors, and additional proteins in the treatments are essential for the regeneration and repair of damaged soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments and arthritic cartilage.

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