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Stem Cell Research at Warp Speed


“Project Grandiose” drives stem cell research at ‘warp speed’

2014 was the year that stem cell research and development shifted gear to what journalist John Ross described as ‘warp speed’.

The sheer quality and quantity of stem cell research worldwide was breathtaking. Stem Cells are pluripotent, meaning they can generate any tissue type and can replicate carbon copies of themselves. These cells can also differentiate into cells with specialised functions.

Stem Cells are potentially capable of repairing tissue damage, severed spinal cords, degenerative diseases, diabetes and strokes.

In October 2014, a British and Polish team transplanted stem cells into the spinal cord of a paraplegic, enabling him to walk again.

In December 2014, over 50 scientists came together under the banner of “Project Grandiose”, setting the record straight about stem cell research and developments. The project and its meticulous attention to detail was written so that the data was acceptable to all and not just stem cell specialists. The team were totally committed to full disclosure of their findings and data.

Stem cell treatments are carried out every day in hospitals all around the world, and regenerative medicine is clearly here to stay. It is vital that any person requiring stem cell therapy or treatment has access to healthy stem cells that are a perfect match.

Tony Veverka, Group Chief Executive for BioEden comments

“In our new approach to providing stem cell banking services, everyone can now bank their own cells ensuring a perfect match.”

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