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Stem Cell presence at the Health Insurance Event of the Year, Mayfair London


Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank BioEden further their reach within the healthcare sector as they sign a further contract with a leading private insurer.

Specialist stem cell bank BioEden were guests at the Health Insurance event of the year in Mayfair London last evening.

The event coincided with the signing of specialist health insurer Medicover, an international private healthcare company, who have committed to take BioEden’s tooth stem cell banking to every Member and patient of their services.

The Health Insurance event brought together individuals and companies who play key roles in bettering healthcare and healthcare insurance for an international audience.

Spokesperson for BioEden Sue Wilkinson said, ‘It’s great to see more and more healthcare intermediaries recognise the value of stem cell banking and promote the service to their clients. It means that if their clients need therapy their stem cells are readily available without the need for surgery, or the worry of finding a match’

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