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Stem Cell BioKidz Artist and a ‘Sign of the Times’


The artist behind the striking imagery of The BioKidz completes a second BioEden stem cell project as she extends her talent to illustrating The Times.

Cherie Zamazing has not only just completed a second stem cell project for stem cell bank BioEden, she now has produced retro style artwork together with fellow artist Dave Shepherd for The Times (see image).

Cherie has been working over a number of weeks with BioEden on their latest educational project aimed at children and their families. The project entitled ‘Building BioEden’ demonstrates how a stem cell bank works. how stem cells are stored and why the banking of tooth stem cells is so important for the future well being of all children.

‘Building BioEden’ features the characters from ‘The BioKidz’ which was an original idea by Sue Wilkinson, BioEden’s Business Development Manager, some 18 months ago, and follows on from her book ‘Nothing but the Tooth’. Sue says, ‘Although The BioKidz’ are fictitious characters the materials we produce are educational. Children are intrigued by the work we do, how we store their stem cells and what they could be used for during their lifetime’.

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