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Stem Cell Bank fights obstacles to therapy ‘tooth and nail’


BioEden the pioneering and specialist tooth cell bank eliminate major hurdles to stem cell therapy through their latest innovation ‘Access’.

The Harris Review (Dr DT Harris 2008) states that 1 in 3 people will need stem cell therapy during their lifetime, and with stem cell therapy poised to become mainstream medicine this means that having access to the right material at the right time is critical.

BioEden the pioneering tooth stem cell bank, harvests stem cells from naturally shed milk teeth, the only method of obtaining your own cells without medical intervention, and then banks them for potentially a lifetime of use.

Banking one’s own stem cells eliminates the problem of finding a match, or the body rejecting donor material.

But what about cost? The average cost of stem cell processing is c£1000 meaning that this could be a second barrier to therapy.

BioEden have launched a unique early start bonus plan, supporting their mission statement ‘Helping to make stem cell therapy an affordable reality’.

‘A child can be enrolled from birth onwards long before the tooth falls. At the time when the tooth is ready to fall, all monthly fees are credited to the parent with an addition loyalty bonus of 10%. These credits are then used to offset the tooth processing costs. For many parents this means they have little or no processing costs to pay’, said Tony Veverka BioEden’s Group CEO

During Membership the parent is provided with all the tools to understand the work of BioEden, and therapies that are and become available. The child receives fun educational tools that engages them in the BioEden process, allowing them to ‘become their own hero’.

For information on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336.