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Stem Cell Bank Explodes into Colour


Children all around the world create art from stem cell education resulting in an explosion of colour.

BioEden the world’s pioneering tooth stem cell bank reports a record number of entries into their art competition, as hundreds of children all around the world have fun with The BioKidz art competition.

BioEden launched The BioKidz concept at the end of last year, and continue to help educate children about stem cell treatments and science.

Today’s children will be growing up with stem cell treatments and as they progress into adulthood they are likely to have never known a world without it. For them stem cell therapy and treatment will be the ‘norm’ just as we see IVF and organ transplants as ‘the norm’ today – Group CEO Tony Veverka.

Children are invited to paint and colour in images of The BioKidz and submit their entries to win an I-Pad and books for their school. To enter, please click here.