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Stem Cell Bank BioEden plugs the protection insurance gap


With insurance customers, employees and shareholders demanding innovation, pioneering stem cell bank BioEden rises to the challenge.

A New World of Opportunity, The Insurance Innovation Imperative’ from KPMG reports that many organisations are struggling to exploit opportunities to innovate from within.

74% of insurance executives surveyed said they lacked the internal skills needed to drive innovation in the protection space.(Source: Financial Adviser 24th September 2015)

Meanwhile BioEden has breathed new life into the protection market, plugging the protection insurance gap by offering stem cell banking from a naturally shed milk tooth.

‘As stem cell medicine is set to become mainstream medicine within the next few years, it is vital that a patient has access to their own stem cells without the need for costly and painful surgical intervention,’ says BioEden’s Group CEO Mr Tony Veverka.

‘Financial Advisers offering protection advice to their clients can not afford to ignore this opportunity. It could make a difference to waiting times for therapy and all the problems associated with finding a suitable stem cell match will be eliminated’.

As BioEden get ready to launch their stem cell banking service with a major Private Healthcare Company in Europe, this invaluable service shows no sign of slowing down.