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Sports Injuries Next in Line to benefit from Stem Cell therapies


Sir Richard Sykes this month announced an exciting study which aims to help injuries caused through sporting accidents.

70,000 people in the UK suffer from sports injuries or other musculoskeletal conditions, and stem cell therapies look to be the best way of treating many of these conditions within the next three to five years.

This is the key focus for the Foundation despite the fact there is a huge challenge due to lack of public sector funding. The Foundation is also working on potential treatments for blindness and spinal cord damage, and is hoping to raise the £3 million pound funding needed.

‘Sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions are key areas in which we are likely to see new stem cell treatments become available in the next three to five years’

Sir Richard Sykes FRS Chairman UK Stem Cell Foundation (UKSCF).

If you would like to donate to this research please visit the UKSCF website