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Do Something Wise with Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth contain an abundant source of cells that you can preserve for the future should you ever need them. With 1 in 3* people expected to need stem cell therapy in their lifetime, considering stem cell banking makes absolute sense.

Medicine continues to move rapidly toward personalised treatment for a host of diseases, and stem cell therapy is one way to shift that move into high gear. This therapy treats diseases by replacing damaged or diseased cells with healthy, functioning ones.

Special Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for stem cell therapy today is finding a suitable donor. Most adult stem cell extractions require surgery, such as bone marrow extraction – a risky and expensive process. BioEden’s process however, is simple and inexpensive. Wisdom teeth are an ideal source of these cells.

The cells found in wisdom teeth have been shown to contain stem cells. These cells have a wide range of medical applications. More and more people are banking these valuable cells for their future.

What could make more sense than to preserve these potentially life-saving cells which otherwise would be discarded and lost forever?

A Simple Solution

Send the tooth to us and we will preserve the cells for your future use

Who we are

BioEden is the world’s first tooth cell bank. BioEden is a leading biotechnology company and the specialists in tooth cell banking. We were founded on the firm belief that stem cell medicine is the medicine of today and of the future.

Stem cell therapy has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, and the promise of stem cell therapy has only been glimpsed.

At BioEden we collect, care for, and preserve material from the pulp of wisdom teeth and from naturally shed children’s baby teeth. These cells will then be available for medical treatment for you through our autologous banking programme.

Dependable, Affordable Service

BioEden was the first fully operational processing laboratory and storage bank for tooth cells. Founded in 2006, we are now operational in 22 countries around the world, bringing security and peace of mind to all of our clients.

The cost of preserving tooth cells is surprisingly affordable. For more information, please visit our website, or call us on 0208 4770 336.

Did you know?

Personalised medicine is the most promising avenue for treating and potentially curing many illnesses and diseases which previously have been untreatable.

Stem cell therapy has been used to treat serious illnesses since the mid 1970s.

Wisdom teeth contain a rich supply of specialised cells that can be banked for future therapeutic use.

Banking wisdom tooth cells is a proactive decision that people all over the world are now making to secure their future.

At BioEden we work hard every day to ensure that cells banked with BioEden today deliver the greatest promise for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Bioeden was founded with the mission of helping people by making stem cell therapy an affordable reality for everyone.

We believe that nothing is more important to a family than the health and welfare of our children. We work hard to keep our Membership fees as low as possible without compromising the quality of our service.

We hope you believe in this mission as strongly as we do.

For information of on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336


*Source DT Harris The Harris Review 2008