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Shaping the Future of Health Care


An interview with BioEden’s group CEO Tony Veverka

Tony Veverka has developed and reformed many medical companies leading them to bigger and brighter futures. Today, he leads the BioEden group, and explains why this opportunity to shape the future of health care is his best venture yet.

What attracted you to BioEden?

BioEden presented a huge opportunity to do good for today’s generation and for generations to come. I hold a strong personal belief that storing stem cells is the right thing to do for an individual.

BioEden are the global leaders in tooth stem cell banking, and play a vital role in stem cell therapies to our clients in 60 countries. We will over time, reduce costs to private medical providers and to the NHS here in the UK.

Where do you see BioEden in 5 years time?

Banking stem cells through this natural method is becoming increasingly commonplace. Five years from now it will be considered the ‘normal’ thing to do. As the best and most affordable method of stem cell banking, this natural process will be the preferred method for the majority.

What are the most important decisions you make as leader of BioEden?

Any decision that impacts our Members, from quality control to providing support, and keeping this vital service affordable.

What is the biggest challenge facing BioEden today?

It is imperative that we continue to raise awareness of the power of stem cells so that no one is disadvantaged or left behind.

Which one piece of advice would you give to a parent when considering their child’s health care needs?

Bank your child’s cells as early as possible, do it now when it can be done naturally without medical intervention.

Do you anticipate that banking a child’s stem cells from teeth will become the norm and why?

Yes, absolutely. As the awareness of stem cell medicine increases, it will be clear that the best stem cells are your own and need to be stored as early as possible. There is no substitute for that.