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Record number of parents clamour to bank their childrens’s own stem cells to bridge the gap to stem cell therapy


As MS stem cell treatments continue to dominate the headlines, a record number of parents are banking their children’s’ own stem cells from shed baby teeth say BioEden. As they approach their 10th Anniversary BioEden explain why the huge increase in volume.

Obtaining stem cells from bone marrow to treat conditions such as MS may become a thing of the past, as more and more parents choose to bank the stem cells obtained naturally from a shed milk tooth.

BioEden, the specialist tooth stem cell bank, are soon to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. As they do so, they report record volumes of parents contacting the company to find out how the process works and if it is affordable. Last year BioEden announced a record increase in volume which looks set to continue throughout January 2016.

Parents are banking their children’s stem cells now, so that the material is readily available if they need treatment whether that’s during childhood or further into the future. As the best cells are those harvested young, it makes good sense to store them now, before they are needed, and all without the need for surgery to obtain them.

In 2015 BioEden launched a new Membership Plan for parents enabling their tooth cell processing to be accessed at the lowest possible cost, in fact Membership can start as low as £5 per month.

Group CEO Tony Veverka said, ‘We planned to make sure that everyone has the means to bank their children’s stem cells, and by making our service affordable we believe we have done just that. Everyone has the right to have the best in healthcare and we are proud of the service we provide’.