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Poland to store stem cells from naturally shed baby teeth at BioEden UK


A major international healthcare provider is the first to take tooth stem cell banking to the Polish people.

Medicover, a major private healthcare provider based in Poland, announced their decision to promote tooth stem cell banking to their entire client bank.

Tooth stem cell banking was first established in 2006 by specialist tooth cell bank BioEden, a company who continue to lead the market with Members in over 60 countries, and the company that has been selected by Medicover to provide the banking service.

‘BioEden delivered a comprehensive training programme to medical professionals in Poland and gave lectures and presentations throughout the country’, said Sue Wilkinson, Business Development Manager for the BioEden group.

The stem cell processing for Poland will be undertaken by BioEden’s UK laboratory and the stem cells stored in their British bank.

‘Tooth stem cell banking is firmly on course to be the most popular way to harvest and store stem cells. It is the only non-invasive way of harvesting stem cells and is done at a time when cells are young and at their best’.

For more information on BioEden or The BioKidz, please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336.