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New Way to Delay Ageing


The Daily Express reported on a ‘breakthrough to extend the lives of millions’.

‘A scientific breakthrough could help the body counteract the impact of ageing by regrowing muscle, tendon and cartilage. Experts have discovered ways to stimulate cell growth and strengthen joints’, said the Daily Express.

The Daily Express details a form of regenerative medicine which aims to counteract the effects of ageing on the quality of life.

It has been known for a considerable amount of time that mesenchymal stem cells, such as those found in teeth, have the potential to form new bone and cartilage, whether that is needed through the body’s natural wear and tear as we age, or through accident and injury.

Mesenchymal stem cells have the unique ability to morph into many other cell types, and those found in teeth can proliferate outside the body, meaning they are not limited to the quantity taken at the time of harvesting.

Typically one tooth yields around 1 million stem cells. Harvesting stem cells from teeth is the only non-invasive method of obtaining stem cells. Harvested from naturally shed baby teeth, the stem cells are at their optimum best.

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