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A Mother’s Tale By BioEden’s Sue Wilkinson


Like most Mums, I am a skilled multitasker, juggling home, work and ‘just’ trying to be a good Mum.

Additionally, I am preparing to move house. Amongst the sorting, sifting, throwing out and packing that is par for the course in a house move, there was the bittersweet task of going through old photographs.

I laughed like a drain at my daughter’s first Mother’s Day poem, penned age 5, ‘Your better than other Mum’s, as they’ve got big bums…’, hugging her first tiny dress, which no way will now fit her grown-up frame, and it was just then I saw it, the little silver keepsake box, a gift from my mother.

Her first curl and her first precious baby tooth.

I had forgotten just how tiny those teeth were. It was at this point that I felt the saddest of all, and the tears started to fall. It is too late to save and store my daughters tooth cells, I can only hope she will never be in a situation where this matters.

With the fantastic advances in medicine today, and the assured future of stem cell medicine, I would implore all Mums to consider a good use for that precious tooth, and not be in a situation like me, where I rely on ‘hope’.

I wish you all the very best for you and your children.

Now where did I pack those car keys?!

Sue Wilkinson, Mum to Yasmin.