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Mexican Tooth Stem Cell Bank Hailed as ‘The Thinkers of Tomorrow’


As BioEden Mexico get set to celebrate their 6th Anniversary, the company reflects on their achievements to date and the lives bettered by their services.

Global tooth stem cell pioneers BioEden extended their services to Mexico just six years ago. Today the company’s Mexican operation announced that it now stores tooth stem cells for over 6000 children, and works in partnership with over 1000 medical professionals in the country.

BioEden Mexico was recently heralded in a National Magazine as ‘The Thinkers of Tomorrow’ and not only act as consultants to assist in Regulatory matters, have established ongoing stem cell research partnerships in Latin America.

The Mexican operation is headed up by Victor Saadia, whose father Marc Saadia is an eminent dental surgeon and lecturer in Mexico.

BioEden globally continues to expand as stem cell therapies become more commonplace, and the need to have ones own cells readily available is recognised by an increasingly larger audience. BioEden offers a unique tooth stem cell banking service from naturally shed baby teeth and extracted healthy molars in adults.