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An Interview with Professor Martini of BioEden Italy


You have over 20 years experience in research. Tell us a little more about your background.

After my initial degree in Biology, I obtained a PhD from the Department of Cellular Biology at La Sapienza University in Rome and a further in Medical Science in Paris. I then worked as a post-graduate researcher in the University of Rome’s Microbiology Laboratory and in the Virology Laboratory of the Italian National Institute of Health. Since that time I have participated in several EU and World Health Organisation (WHO) international research projects in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute in Paris. I have written several scientific publications as well as patent documents on cellular biology in medicine.

You have managed several projects spanning over 15 years for the University of Rome, La Sapienza, managing patents in the Biotechnologies and Pharmaceutical sectors, but I hear you have also been teaching. Tell us more about that.

This has been very interesting and rewarding. I have been teaching students in a Masterclass where we focused on Scientific Journalism and Communications. I taught in this specialist area for over five years.  My main areas of expertise however are in Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology and Immunology.  Additionally, I continuously update various organizations and patients on pathologies, transplants and the latest medical application of cyro-preserved cells.

When did you first join BioEden Italy?

I helped set up and launch BioEden Italy In 2012. I am based in Rome but travel extensively across Italy and the rest of Europe. In November 2015 we launched BioEden Switzerland also.  I am the Chief Executive Officer for BioEden in these countries, but I also am on the Advisory Board for the Cord Blood Foundation, which is the international point of reference for cord blood storage.

Have you stored the stem cells from your own children?

I have three children and was able to preserve the cells of two of them.  I am totally committed to helping to secure the best possible future for everyone’s children through tooth stem cell banking.

Dr Irene Martini was talking to Sue Wilkinson of BioEden UK