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Healthy Numbers 2014 – The Industry in Review


2014 was another healthy year in stem cell research and therapy, with more and more companies active in the sector. Pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZenaca, Biogen Idec, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Regeneron are just a handful of household names that continue to demonstrate and have an active interest in stem cell medicine.

Healthy numbers from 2014:

378 clinical trials, involving over 500 therapeutic companies
517 leading companies worked in stem cell regenerative medicine
88 companies focused on diseases of the central nervous system
80 focused on heart disease, 69 on genetic disorders, and 62 on musculoskeletal
368 focused on 14 areas of other illness and degenerative disease
6.3 billion dollars raised in 2014, a year on year growth of 112%
517 leading companies worked in stem cell regenerative

As heavy investment continues in this sector, it makes perfect sense to bank your families stem cells for their future wellbeing.

(Source: E Lanphier Jan 12th 2015)