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Harvesting stem cells does not have to hurt


One of the unfortunate sticking points around one of the most exciting developments in the last few decades, regenerative medicine, which has really started to build up steam and take medicine into the future, is that harvesting stem cells was going to hurt.

You would have to undergo an invasive procedure and endure a painful recovery to extract stem cells from your bone marrow. Then there is the use embryonic stem cells – those derived from embryos – research purposes, the arguments about have rumbled on for so long that a lot has been achieved with regards to stem cell research in the meantime.

However, dental stem cells can be used in regenerative medicine, which means these highly valuable, differentiating cells that could save your life in the future can be harvested without you having to go anywhere near an operating table.

If you get ahead of the game and act while the opportunity is there, it is possible you could save your own life or that of a loved one in the future by investing in your body now.

Dental stem cells can be acquired from deciduous teeth – those that fall out naturally as a child – and healthy teeth and wisdom teeth. So, if you are having a tooth removed to make space for the others, for example, it is the perfect opportunity capitalise on the goldmine of stem cells it presents.

Once extracted, assured tooth stem cell banking market leaders such as BioEden can safely preserve these vital cells for the future to be used in ways that you may not even be able to imagine right now.

Just like taking out life insurance, you do not expect to need banked stem cells any time soon, but you have peace of mind knowing that you have done it just in case.