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Groundbreaking move by Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank BioEden


Specialist Tooth Stem Cell Bank BioEden present Ground breaking move.

Stem cell treatments may hold the promise to fight disease previously thought untreatable. As a result, ‘the need to have one’s own cells preserved and safe is becoming the highest of priorities’, says Group CEO Tony Veverka.

BioEden’s success and specialism in the field of tooth cell banking mean that to date they are the only biotechnology company able to offer this potentially life- saving service at the lowest of costs.

Seen as a healthier alternative to cord blood banking by many, BioEden’s Access Membership is a ground breaking move to make sure that this potentially life- saving service is within the reach of the majority. This new way of funding the service is unique and all without compromising on quality of service. For £5 per month BioEden offer their unique Access membership, ensuring that when the tooth is ready to be processed, the cost is kept at the lowest possible level.

The method of removing tooth cells usually occurs when a baby tooth is shed naturally, although the company has successfully stored millions of cells from healthy extracted wisdom teeth and other adult molars. BioEden are quick to point out that cord blood banking is a highly valuable service, and parents need to choose the best service for them only when aware of all the facts, thereby making a fully informed choice.

Obtaining stem cells from teeth is a natural process and is non-invasive. ‘What could make more sense than to preserve these potentially life-saving cells which would otherwise be discarded and lost forever?’, a view hard to argue with, and firmly held by Group CEO Tony Veverka.

‘The challenge for stem cell therapy today is finding a suitable donor, a perfect match. Having your own cells preserved means you will always have a 100% match, any time it may be needed’.

‘BioEden works hard every day to ensure that people’s health and lives are improved today, and for generations to come. BioEden preserves only healthy tooth cells, ensuring that they are readily available when you need them’.

For information of on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336