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Founding Scientist of BioEden and Pioneering Tooth Stem Cell Scientist to visit the UK


The stem cell scientist who pioneered private tooth stem cell banking 10 years ago is to visit the UK to meet other scientists and participate in media interviews.

Mike Byrom the founding scientist of International Tooth Stem Cell Bank, BioEden is to visit the UK in February to talk about his stem cell work which spans over 16 years. His week long tour will include meetings with fellow scientists and stem cell researchers as well as the media.

BioEden own the only issued patent for their method of tooth stem cell banking, and remain the only specialist bank here in the UK. Mr. Byrom was the principle founder of BioEden in 2006 and set up their first laboratory and bank in Austin, Texas. Ten years on BioEden operate in 25 countries and further expansion is planned, as more and more parents choose to bank the stem cells contained in the naturally shed baby teeth of their children.

Mike says BioEden was founded in order to help people. ‘There are so many conditions for which there is no effective treatment and stem cells have the potential to treat many of these conditions. We had the knowledge, the material and the desire necessary so we founded BioEden to help bring treatment options to patients that had none’

Mr Byrom will be working with BioEden’s Group CEO Tony Veverka during his visit.

To arrange an appointment with Mike Byrom, please contact