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Dentists Bank on Life-Saving Technology to Transport them to Bali


As more and more dentists promote potentially life-saving practices to their patients, leading tooth stem cell bank BioEden rewards their efforts with a brilliant break in Bali.

Dentists have long since been aware that there are better things to do with a naturally shed baby tooth other than just discard it.

Since 2006, leading experts in the field of tooth stem cell banking, BioEden, have been working with forward thinking dentists around the world to bring awareness of this potentially life-saving service to their patients.

For a dentist, the BioEden service is pretty remarkable. Due to BioEden’s superior and natural process, dentists are not even required to perform an extraction.

‘Patients expect their dentist to know that this opportunity exists,’ says Group CEO Mr Tony Veverka.

‘Their patients make the natural connection between tooth stem cell banking and good dental practice, and will expect their dentist to be aware of the service. All our dentists do is tell them about it, and the decision is made by the patient, with the help of BioEden’s specialist team based at our main site in the UK.’

Now, dentists are being further rewarded with the chance to visit Bali via a specially designed VIP package, courtesy of a competition launched by BioEden today.