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Dental fillings tested to avoid poisoning your tooth stem cells


Researchers have been testing the use of graphene oxide in dental fillings in a bid to make fillings much stronger and longer lasting.

The research revealed that our teeth are used to chew food one million times per year, putting them under immense strain, hence the need for fillings to repair the damage.

Researchers from around the world have been testing whether different forms of graphene could work without being toxic to your tooth stem cells.

Graphene comes in various forms and each type was tested during the research.  Whereas some forms of graphene were proven to be highly toxic to stem cells, others were not and therefore could be used in future tooth fillings without damaging your tooth stem cells.

It is thought that adding graphene could radically strengthen fillings.

This research project entitled ‘New nanoamposites based on biocompatible polymers and graphene for dental applications’ was funded by MEN-UEFISCOI, Romania, the results of which are due to be published soon.

BioEden recommends that you read the full report here

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