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Daily Express Announces Stem Cell Therapy will be available before 2020


‘Revolutionary stem cell therapy could end the suffering of millions of arthritis patients within as few as five years’ says the Daily Express.

Osteoarthritis affects 14% of the over 25s and 33% of all pensioners. It causes severe and chronic pain, joint stiffness and loss of function. Currently there is no drug, medical intervention or therapy that alters it’s progression and many patients have to take pain killers constantly and ultimately need joint replacement surgery. However, preliminary findings of a trial using stem cell treatment has shown that within a few days patients experienced a dramatic reduction in pain.

The results of the trial will be published in September by Professor Barry, a leading stem cell expert from the National University of Ireland in Galway. Meanwhile as the results have been so successful Professor Barry’s team are to recruit a further 150 patients to participate in a trial.

Professor Jorgensen of Montpellier University in France took part in the trial aims to be treating the disease within 5 years using stem cell therapy.

In a separate Australian study 80% of 400 patients reported a significant reduction in pain, joint function and as a result improved sleep.

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