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BioEden Tooth Cell Bank releases 17 donor samples


Following 10 years offering tooth cell banking to parents all over the world, BioEden is pleased to confirm there have been, 17 individual releases of material for stem cell therapy, to date.

Almost every day we see new reports highlighting developments in stem cell therapies; further promise that more and more major illnesses and diseases will one day be cured by the use of stem cells. The reality is stem cell treatment is not new, in fact it has been changing and saving lives for many years.

As stem cells were discovered over 50 years ago, it is not surprising there are over 100,000 clinical and peer-reviewed publications regarding stem cell treatments. These publications demonstrate how stem cells can change into different cell types and can be used to replace and repair damaged tissue – this proof in turn builds the foundation for future therapy.

Treatments for a whole manner of injuries, diseases and illnesses have been explored for many years; from less complex applications, such as skin replacement following a minor burn, to more complex procedures such as repairing nerve damage caused by degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. There are even examples of stem cells been used to grow entire replacement organs.

It is highly anticipated that stem cell treatments will start to become more widely available in the next 5 to 10 years. For that reason, thousands of parents are taking the first steps to ensuring personalised stem cell therapies are available to their children, by banking stem cells from teeth with BioEden.

As the world’s first tooth cell bank it is not surprising that after 10 years of providing the service, BioEden is beginning to see the release of cells that were banked with us, for use in personalised therapy.

To date, BioEden has released 17 individual samples for use in l treatment, from individuals who had made the decision to bank cells from dental pulp. The donors and conditions that they had treated, using their own  cells, varied greatly. The teeth vary as greatly as the donors and range from the first exfoliated incisor (milk/baby), through to an extracted adult wisdom tooth.

This is the primary objective of BioEden – our vision is to make personalised regenerative treatment an affordable reality for everyone; bridging the gap between patients and treatments. Our service allows an individual to bank and access, their own cells when needed for treatment.

This objective was met for every one of the 17 instances in which cells were released, and all of these samples performed well. The cells were fit for therapeutic purpose, and found to be healthy and viable – something BioEden proudly guarantees for all the samples that are banked.

The treatments in which cells were used included:

  • Adult Diabetes
  • Childhood Diabetes
  • Child Autism
  • Cleft Pallet Reconstruction

Finally, there has not been any reverse or adverse reactions reported by any of the patients who used cells banked and released by BioEden.

Although BioEden offer the service of  cell banking in order to allow individuals to access stem cell treatments, our direct association with the treatment stops when the cells are released. However, as an organisation that prides itself in been an innovator in the area of dental cells, we will endeavour to report on the development of treatments, when material from our cell bank has been used and patient consent obtained.