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BioEden to Provide Stem Cell Processing without Cost, Compromise or Surgery


The world leader in tooth stem cell processing and storage takes radical steps to prevent unnecessary cost and surgery to people requiring treatment.

BioEden the pioneers of stem cell banking from naturally shed teeth, have introduced a new way of providing the processing of stem cells at no charge. Their process is entirely non-invasive and does not even require a trip to the dentist, meaning that obtaining your own stem cells, when needed, will bear no cost be that financially or physically.

Their new Access Membership enables their customers to build up credits which can be used at the time when the stem cells are processed from the tooth. For many customers this means they will have nothing to pay at that time, and will pay just a small amount to have the cells safely stored.

Group CEO Mr Tony Veverka says, ‘Stem cell therapy is already used in hospitals all around the world, and the use of stem cells is a rapid growth area. Everyone has the right to have their own stem cells available when needed and without having to undergo surgery to obtain them. Membership to BioEden now costs just £5 per month, that’s a very small price for such a huge benefit and the peace of mind that comes with it’.

For information on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336.