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BioEden launches in Croatia


The specialist tooth stem cell bank BioEden has announced that their services will now be made available in Croatia. The company aims to improve healthcare services by providing more choice for parents. BioEden views their service as being similar to Croatia’s public cord blood bank.

Croatia’s public cord blood bank was launched as a direct result of the work conducted by the Ana Rokavina Foundation. This foundation was established ten years ago in response to a plea by 29-year-old Vjesnik journalist Ana Rokavina for help to pay for extensive treatment to fight her leukaemia. One year later, a national humanitarian campaign resulted in the first public cord blood bank in Zagreb.

However, the system for Croatian parents to bank cord blood can be difficult. This is because the process of cord blood banking in Croatia does not permit the samples to be traced back to the donor. Therefore the search for a stem cell match can be complicated and prolonged.

BioEden CEO Tony Veverka said: “The service provided by BioEden guarantees that the stem cells are securely stored and that they are kept for use only by the donor. When the stem cells are needed in therapy, the release of the cells is swift, being shipped directly to the treating doctor or hospital.”

The launch of BioEden in Croatia coincides with the tenth anniversary of the company. In 2006, BioEden opened their first laboratory in Austin, Texas and now operates in 25 countries worldwide.

A perfect stem cell match is necessary for treatment so that the body does not reject the donated cells and so that the patient does not have to take a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs. Stem cells harvested and stored young are the best as they have not had the chance to deteriorate either through the natural ageing process or pollutants.