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BioEden to launch International Stem Cell Competition


BioEden, the global tooth stem cell bank, are to launch a competition for children around the world.

BioEden are set to launch a competition for children aged 3-10 on an international scale. The company aims to help educate children on the importance of stem cell banking and its role in medicine both today and in the future. The competition ‘Adding Colour to Stem Cell Banking’ offers prizes from iPads to sets of books for the child’s school. BioEden’s Group CEO, Mr Tony Veverka, says that the emphasis and the importance of the competition is to help stimulate children’s interest in what will undoubtedly play a very important role in their lives.

Mr Veverka said, “It is extremely likely that children today will have some involvement with stem cell therapy. Whether that means they experience stem cell therapy themselves or their career path follows our science or stem cell medicine”.

The competition is set to launch later this month. The company, who uniquely bank stem cells from naturally shed baby teeth, hopes schools will become involved, as well as individual children.