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BioEden Launch Access Membership


A Stem Cell Service that can Provide Stem Cell Processing, without Cost Compromise or Even the Need for Surgery.

Finding a stem cell donor and match has been a huge obstacle in the provision of treatment until now. Now you can harvest stem cells without surgery, any medical intervention and potentially free of charge.

BioEden the specialist tooth stem cell bank have launched a Membership Plan ‘Access’. And simply put, Access does what it says on the tin.

Stem Cell medicine has been around for a long long time, but under the guise of a different name, ie bone marrow transplant has led many to believe stem cell therapy is new medicine for the future.

Coupled with the bad press from embryonic stem cell research, and the huge cost of harvesting ones own cells, you could be forgiven in thinking that autologous (ones own) stem cell banking was for the elite.

Not so. BioEden the pioneers and leaders in tooth stem cell banking have broken down every barrier to personalised stem cell therapy by the launch of their new Membership Plan ‘Access’.

Membership to Access costs just £5 per month and at the time when the cells are ready to be harvested from a naturally shed baby tooth, BioEden credit the Membership fees plus a 10% bonus to the Member, meaning that for the majority there are no processing fees to pay.

BioEden’s Group CEO Tony Veverka said ‘1 in 3 children will need stem cell therapy in their lifetime* and it is therefore vital that every child, regardless of their background, is not at a disadvantage and can access the very best in healthcare. This can be achieved through the banking of their own stem cells. Our Access Membership plan can be trialed free of charge for 3 months. After this time the parents are in no doubt about the benefits of stem cell banking and can see that doing this comes at very little cost with huge benefits’

For information on banking your own cells please contact BioEden on 0208 4770 336

*Source: Dr DT Harris. The Harris Review 2008.