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BioEden Enters Strategic Alliance Agreement with Precious Cells Group


Precious Cells Group (PCG) is delighted to announce that it has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA) with leading dental stem cell biobank BioEden™ whereby BioEden™ has appointed PCG as a “master licence holder” and in turn, Precious Cells Group subsidiary, Pharmacells™ has been appointed as exclusive laboratory processing partner to Bioeden™ across Europe.

The move allows Precious Cells Group to strengthen its growing cell banking and platform technology portfolio. Donor cell processing will take place in Pharmacells’™ UK based, state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities where its team of scientists extract and culture each donor’s mesenchymal stem cells, allowing them the option to use them in approved regenerative medicine applications.

BioEden™ – the world’s first provider of dental pulp stem cell biobanking – have set the gold standard in stem cell harvesting and storage from teeth and are operational in 22 countries. Their specialist team comprises of scientists, researchers and business leaders from around the globe.

BioEden™ will manage the entire specialist tooth stem cell banking proposition whereas Precious Cells will process the stem cells using Bioeden’s patented method, while continuing to grow its network of private dentists and distribution partners beyond the 15 international locations currently with local offices and representation.

Precious Cells Group is a provider of stem cell biobanking services to public as a provider of cord blood stem cell cryopreservation and related analytical services to selected NHS trusts and to private clients across the UK and mainland Europe, MENA and Asia.

Mr Athol Haas, VP for Mergers and Acquisitions explains “this partnership comes at a very exciting time for Precious Cells. The strategic alliance between the two companies secures our organisations as the world’s largest provider of dental biobanking services and represents a breakthrough deal for businesses in our sector within the UK”

Clare Flanders, Press Office, Precious Cells Group